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Saturday, February 16, 2013Photobucket


ok recalling back on how i celebrate my 21st birthday...

15th Feb
woke up pack & everything waited for Mr koh to fetch me over to chalet to meet up with thomas gege as he is helping me to open the chalet.after everything unpack all my stuff and stay all de way at chalet with Mr koh, bao ming & lester. super suey was i fall sick on the day before my birthday... the guys went to club and i didnt care so i head with them to ZIRCA those touch moment was when de clock stirke 12 they all wish me happy birthday :) ok drink too much get myself a lil tipsy.. so headed back to chalet..

16th Feb
Happy birthday to ME hehe ^^

woke up with hangover feel play 3 leg mj for awhile with bm & Mr koh
evening time sissy & baby'R came first from then i start to prepare all this decorate & stuff..
slowly everyone started to come.. really greatful fot hose who make the effort to come over & make it happen. stay up with the guys till 3+ den see de rest gamble till 4+ clear everything and de happy part open present & slp..

next day morning check out & everything KO straight till night too tired to even keep my things properly and paste all de pic into my guest book :)




PhotobucketMSmelissa Sweet 20
I may not be that perfect in people eyes, i hide my tears away from you & don't allow you to knows cause i don't want you to see the weakest part of me. Judge me from who i am not from your eyes
PhotobucketyuantingLOVE A girl who is like a big sister to me in my eye. Be there for me when i need a listening ear :) be it good time s& bad time she is always love by me <3
PhotobucketshirleyFATFAT A girl who been through with me for 7 years+, she is lyk my 2nd bf been tolerating my attitude & nonsense :) even though we might not meet up dat often but i still love her & no one can replace her <3
PhotobucketjaniceBBles A girl who been there to listen to all my nonsense, who tolerate my irritating character, been there for me to listen to me when i cry talking craps & nonsense together. forever she will be my BB 25 oct 2010 we been togetehr hahas love her lots <3

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